Saturday February 6, 2016

2014 Blog

Don't Forget!

A quick reminder to please pull out your calendars and mark down when I'll be performing in your city this summer.

I just rolled into South Carolina day before yesterday and had a GREAT show and now I'm heading north. From here on up the East coast it will be my first time performing and visiting these towns. It's fun pulling into a new city and performing everyday. It makes it even better when you're there to hang out.

If you can not meet up this summer please tell any friends and family that are in the path of "A Beautiful Life Tour 2012" to head out for some live music. The best way to grow music is word of mouth. Thank you for your support!

KSSK - FM is a Clear Channel station in Hawaii that has added Perfect Sometimes to their rotation! It looks like "Perfect Sometimes" is shaping up to be the Summer Time Hit for the Islands!

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