Tuesday February 9, 2016

Justin James VIP Membership

By becoming a VIP Member you will be supporting my career. You will have access to the VIP section of my website which will allow you to chat directly with me, listen to unreleased songs and more.

If you believe in my music and would like to support my career, this is a limited offer. It's only available to 100 people!

Thank you.

VIP Membership
  • A personalized membership card.
  • Free entrance to all my future shows. For Life!
  • Digital copies of all my future CDs for free. For life!
  • Your name in liner notes of my next CD Jacket.
  • Backstage access and meet & greets.
  • Join an exclusive group that gets to vote on creative ideas throughout my career.
  • A physical copy of my next release mailed to you along with a heartfelt thank you for supporting my career.
  • Access to VIP login on my website w/ access to online chats, private videos, songs and more.

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