1. Island Time

From the recording Sun Drenched

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Island time

Remembering back upon those days of my life
Lying down on beaches under palm trees rest assure paradise
And there be no where else I'd rather be tonight
Then back there watching sunsets setting ..yeah
Take me back to island time where everything was good
Where nothing really mattered but the friends that you love
And all the simple things that should


Like reggae in the night & the beach in the moonlight
We would just dance the night away
The ocean over there sunshine everywhere
We could soak our days away
With out a care in the world and all the island girls
We could just love our lives away
Back on island time Back on island time

Yeah it feels like I’ve been taking a back seat to life these days
Hanging around in the sun & the sand
& you know every little thing feels ok
And I don't even know what I'm gonna be doing today
I might play a little guitar or drive in my car
Or I just might do
whatever I please... that's the island way
Hang down by the beach underneath the stars
Listening to the island beat


I can see the waves waving back at me
Under auburn skies - golden seas
Warm days and endless warm nights
We be chillin' island style on island time