1. Let It Run

From the recording A Beautiful Life

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Let It Run

Won't you tell me whose side that you’re on
Or are you waiting for the thrill to be gone
I was under the impression our love was gonna last so long

It should come to me as no big surprise
You been acting like a spoiled little child
So used to getting what you want
But this time you know it's right before your very eyes

The second I get back home
You’ll wish that I had never gone
Well make believe the night is young
We still got time…Let it run
Let it run run run

At what moment did it slip from your eyes
And I remember when we used to be high
I can feel it get away so be careful it don't pass you by

So you think some time will do you good
I think you got me miss-understood
I’ve been trying to build a bridge but your intentions they don't land where they should


Ohhh…I need to remind you how
Ohhh…My love will find you now
Ohhh…But I don't need to tell you that