From the recording A Beautiful Life

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Waiting on a Friend

I’ve been thinking too much
Too much about nothing
Maybe nothing at all
I got some time on my hands
I know that you’ll understand
I wrote my plans on your wall
If I called you now
What would it take
Would you come around
I could sure use a visit
I won’t get to specific
But I could handle right now

Cause I’m feeling ready for
You to come on through that door
Catch me off guard again
Before this day comes to an end
Or lift me up tonight
Tell me that it will be all right
Waiting on a friend

Sun is bright and it’s burns
My watch is slow but it turns
I may have wasted the day
I wish you answered my call
First ring, guess its off
And it’s off and away
There’s always tomorrow
I’ll try again
Get it right this time
But on a day like today
I could have used your face
And just a little smile


And they'll be time when the going gets tough
And in those times all you need is some love
Right now could use a moment with you
Be there and help me through