1. Get It Right

From the recording A Beautiful Life

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Get It Right

Saturday night but I know there’s no way
I’m gonna get you out tonight
Like a bullet in the head the words you said were meant to hurt yeah
But I know it ain’t right and you know me I never can resist a fight
But your looking your best so lets put it to rest right now

Cause were gonna make it this time
Gonna get it right - Get it right tonight
Time to put and end to this fight
Put our weapons down & listen to our hearts right now
Were gonna get it right tonight

Like a soldier in the war
It's been so long
I've forgotten what we're fighting for
Try to make amends
These battles got to end tonight
How can I forget when you’re looking your best
It reminds me how it all began
Lets remember what we had and start it all over again


This ain’t gonna make it any better
Cause you and I were in this together
Get through the pain to get to the pleasure
We done our screaming and its time to listen
Lets call it a truce and all is forgiven
Its Sat night we don't want to miss it – you know