1. Storyline

From the recording A Beautiful Life

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A little voice inside me saying don't go
We got some unfinished business I can’t let it go
Where’s all this leading I don't know
But if you never spent time on the telephone line
I guess you’ll never know

Cause I’ll wait for you in the morning light
We're not gonna sleep 'till we get it right
Till the sun comes up in your eyes
And I wish I could choose those words to say
Gonna write this night in a different way
It’s our own storyline

I wish I had found it but it slipped away
Right now I wanna reach on back and change our yesterday
What’s it gonna take to go a different way
We're on a one way track and we can't go back
And mend the mistakes we made


What’s done is done
We're moving on
We can write tomorrow
In a brand new song
It's a second chance
To get it right
We can be the writers
Of our own lives