From the recording A Beautiful Life

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I Know You Know

I don’t know what your thinking
But do you think this could be love
Can’t see into the future
But this moment not enough
Can you tell can you tell me
That I’m thinking way too much
It's a feeling to hold onto
Not a thing you wanna rush

Ohhhhh…. You been on my mind
Ohhhhh…. Can we find the time

This is our life and we can make it what we want
Waste everything or get what we got
Do it alone but it be better together
I know You Know
Understand we gotta give it our all
We only got one chance
Don't let me down baby
A long way to go
But we made it this far
I know - You know

Gotta move it on forward
Before I get left behind
I’m not a mind reader
But I need you to read mine
Here you are hear your heart beat
Only love can beat me down
Only love can build me up
Anytime you come around

Ohhhhh …. You been on my mind
Ohhhhh…. Can we find the time


This time I swear I’m right here with you
This time we can make a start I can feel it in my heart
Cause I could never live without you
I know - You Know