From the recording Sun Drenched

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We Can Do Anything

Yeah as soon as I finish this cigarette
I'm really gonna start thinking 'bout leaving this old town - Yeah this dead end town
Gonna pick up the phone and call up my girl and say baby pack your bags
Cause were leaving today- Gotta get away
Don't think about it at all - Don't think about anything


Yeah lets get out of here we could drive all night
You can be Marylin Monroe yeah and I'll be James Dean
We could live our lives like there is no tomorrow
Whata say ...we could do anything

I'm so tired of hanging round going nowhere
I want to go where the Sunshine's even when it rains - Yeah let it rain
I don't even know where were going but were ever it is we will find our way
Just to get away
Don't think about it at all – Let’s not think about anything


She said " boy you got some crazy ideas with your big dreams & your beat
up car ain't got a dollar between us
But if you wanna go then lets turn up the radio and let’s drive...