1. Dance Alone

From the recording Sun Drenched

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Dance Alone

Good Afternoon saying hi to everyone in the neighborhood
Strollin' down the street taking my sweet time
It‘s a pretty good afternoon when it feels like you got nothing to lose
Everything feels good everything is just fine

Why wait if you can pass out a smile everyday
You be surprised when your not shy everybodys neighborly
I can’t say but it seems to make me happy
Shuffling down the street with ruby shoes on my feet.


I don't mind yeah I know it happens sometimes
You just gotta lose yourself to find your way home
I don't care everbody can stare at me
Sometimes you gotta dance alone

It feels good to me just to do what I do & do it my own way
It doesn't really matter what the people say
It’s always good to see a brand new face smiling back at me
This could be contagious and I'd like it that way

I don't really think that I wanna be
Somebody's idea what they think I outta be
Gotta be running when I hit the ground
It’s ok to live life a little different each day
Cause I don't want to ride on this merry go round